Scientific centers

Research center

The research center was founded in 1989 with assistance of institutes of National Academy of History, Archeology and Ethnography, art of Armenia and Matenadaran. About 12 employees worked at the initial stage in the center, including the director, 4 junior and senior scientific employees. The first director was the candidate of historical sciences (to date, doctor) archeologist Hamlet Petrosyan who was born in Artsakh (Askeran district, village Knatsakh), the scientific secretary was the candidate of historical sciences Arthur Mkrtchyan.

During the war, center work temporarily suspended. In 1997 at Artsakh state university the research center which expanded the activity with financial support of the ""Aid to Artsakh" organization in Beirut opened. The center of research has two employees. For the purpose of increase of overall performance council from 7 members into which historians, archeologists, linguists and philologists enter on December 1, 2005 was created. Once a month the meeting at which various questions are discussed is held.

For a certain period of work, the center has prepared experts in various areas of science. In the center various materials about Artsakh's villages, geographical names, materials about Artsakh war, history etc. are collected.

Books are stored in the research center from Gagik Sargsyan and Khoren Sargsyan private libraries. Every day the volume of book fund increases, new books are got. Issues of magazines "Otechestvo", "Bagin", "Azdak", "Aliq", "Droshak", "Varag", "Shirak", newspapers with articles about Artsakh movement are stored in the center.

The center got rich materials about archaeological and ethnographic researches. In the next years a main objective of fund is acquisition of all materials relating to the history of Artsakh, or at least part from them which are now in libraries of the Middle East and Russia. The research center publishes the collection of articles which has a purely research direction.

Ethnographic hall

The ethnographic hall opened in 2010 with assistance and the help from their personal collections of the rector of Artsakh State University S. Dadayan and dean of faculty of Philology and Journalism A. Sargsyan.

By means of students more than 10 years ago they collected these exhibits. In a hall are presented more than 100 copies from a stone, a tree, copper and other elements. According to experts the scientific and ethnographic hall has not only scientific and educational value, but also is important for preservation of national traditions and roots.

Center of friends of the Russian culture

The center of friends of the Russian culture opened in 2011. The idea of opening of the center arose long ago, but thanks to consecutive work of administration of university in two months it was succeeded to realize idea. On the open there were guests from Armenia and Russia. The honorable right on cutting of a red ribbon was provided to the dean of faculty of foreign languages Eleonora Hayrapetyan and poet Victor Konoplyov.

Welcoming guests, the rector of ArSU Stepan Dadayan noted importance of the Armenian-Russian friendship. He emphasized that Russia for many far, but for us very close and native land. The main number of the population in days of the USSR was cultivated under the influence of the Russian culture. After disintegration of the USSR Russian continues to be darling and is taught at Artsakh's schools. The dean of faculty of foreign languages E. Hayrapetyan promised that the center will serve not only for preservation of cultural wealth, but but will work for all those, who cherish the Russian culture. Here conferences, seminars, meetings, etc. will be often organized.

The center received the first gifts. The director of Slavic school Yury Yakovenko gave methodical grants on behalf of the head of the chair of Russian of the state pedagogical university of Bella Israyelyan. Gifts were presented to the center also by the rector of university of Mesrop Mashtots Donara Gabrielyan, head of the Russian community in Artsakh Galina Somova.

In honor of center opening by students of faculty of foreign languages the concert in the assembly hall of ArSU was organized. The associate professor of Russian language and literature Nune Arakelyan acted with the subject "Armenians in Russia". During action the big contribution of scientists, military and cultural figures to life of the Russian people was noted.

Writer Victor Konoplyov read the verses written about Artsakh. The rector of Artsakh state university Stepan Dadayan handed over to the poet symbolical souvenirs about Artsakh. In a concert the Armenian and Russian songs sounded. The Armenian-Russian friendship is checked for eyelids.