1.General Provisions

1.1  Rectorate of “Artsakh State University” non-profit organization (now University) is an advisory body at ArSU Rector. Between the period of ArSU Board and Academic and Academic Council's sessions the rectorate undertakes activities concerning all spheres of ArSU, as well as procedure of realization of decisions made by ArSU Board and Academic Council according to the established order.

1.2  The Rectorate's decisions implemented by the Rector's order.

2.Powers of Rectorate

2.1  Discusses a preparatory work for the invitation of Council and the Academic council of university

2.2  Discusses the questions connected with the academic workload of lecturers of the University

2.3  Discusses the questions, connected with workers of university about their incentives and sanctions.

2.4  Discusses the transfer of students from the course to the next course and a discount on tuition payment system.

2.5  Discusses questions the organization, realization and generalization of results of the semi-annual examination periods.

2.6  Discusses the questions, connected with students, about their incentives and sanctions.

2.7  Discusses questions about the remaining of the students in the same course, about their removal, recovery, and giving academic holidays.

2.8  .Realizes other authorities according the Rules and the Charter of the University Council and the Academic Council

3.ArSU Rectorate Structure

3.1  ArSU rectorate structure consists of rector, vice-rectors, rector advisor, scientific secretary of University , head of the Educational Administration, deans of faculties, head of the Student Administration

3.2  According to the decision of the rector in the meetings of rectorate can participate heads of chairs, as well as professionals with extensive practical experience

4.Rectorate work procedures,

4.1  Rectorate's sessions once a week are conducted.

4.2  If necessary, according to the decision of the rector, special sessions of the Rectorate may be invited.

4.3  Rectorate sessions are recorded in a special book.

4.4  Obligations of the Rectorate's secretary one of the members of the Rectorate does, if necessary, the scientific secretary of the university operates.