Armen Sargsyan


Date of birth, birthplace:

September 19, 1968, v. Pletants, Hadrut Region


Education, Scientific Degrees

1983-1985 the local eight-year school, and then the secondary school named after M. Manvelyan in Hadrut; later the Linguistic Department of Stepanakert Pedagogical Institute

1992 Stepanakert branch of Kirovakan Pedagogical Institute

1996 postgraduate student at NAS RA Institute of Language after H. Acharyan

1998 Candidate of Philological Sciences

2000 Associate Professor


Work Experience

1996 up to now: lecturer at Artsakh State University

1999-2011 Dean of ArSU Philological Faculty

1998-2000 Head of the Artsakh branch of State Language Inspectorate of RA Ministry of Education and Science

2011 ArSU Academic Secretary

2012 Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Artsakh

2015 Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Artsakh



1987-1989 served in the soviet army, later in the defense units of Nagorno-Karabakh

2008 organized the international Conference in Stepanakert

2010 together with the Rector S. Dadayan founded an ethnographic museum in ArSU

2016 has been awarded the Honorary Title of Honored Scholar of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic

Armen Sargsyan is the author of more than a dozen scientific works and collections, about 60 scientific articles

He is married and has 2 children


Phone:  (+374 47) 94 04 91

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