Publishing House


Since 2001 works the Publishing House of ASU, where twice a year publishes the magazine of "Science News", "Armenian Study journal, the newspaper of "Artsakh State University”, the scientific research and educational initiatives recommended by the Academic Council.

In the journal "Proceedings of Science" publishes original articles and letters on theoretical and experimental quality of mathematics, mechanics, radio physics, chemistry, geology, biology, geography, economics and human science.

“Armenian Study magazine "aims to unite armenology of Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia and the Diaspora, trying to fill the void that emerged in the study of armenology of  NKR. "Armenian Study journal," will try to answer to history, literature, folklore, ethnography, archeology, culture and related issues of River Araks-Kur and neighboring areas.

The publishing house of the University implements different programs, print and copy documents necessary for the functioning of the university. Since 2001, the publishing house was led by: A. Ghulyan, G.Bagunts, Hovik Musaelyan, and since 2010 the Publishing house is being led by E.Arushanyan.