Postgraduate study

   The Artsakh State University is one of the main scientific educational centers of the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. In November, 1996 according to the decision of scientific council the postgraduate study office was open.

The postgraduate study is a main type of preparation of scientific experts after degree education. Training of specialists is conducted both on internal office, and on a correspondence department (for a fee and on state to orders).


Reception and training conditions

   In postgraduate study the citizens of RNK and other countries which have higher professional education, bents to scientific works, without age restrictions can be accepted.

For receipt in postgraduate study the application addressed to the rector is written and the listed documents are attached below:

a) The guarantee document from chair (graduates of ArSU)

b) The guarantee document from the state examination committee (graduates of ArSU)

c) The abstract (in the absence of the published works)

d) Originals of diplomas and inserts of estimates

e) The list of the published works

f) Personal data sheet

g) 4 photos: 3 x 4

     Reception in postgraduate study is carried out every year at the same time. For receipt in postgraduate study the special commission which is headed by rector ArSU is created. Research supervisors for graduate students are appointed.

The created commission checks documents of entrants.

At receipt in postgraduate study, in the presence of the same estimates, the preference is given to the staff of university.

The entrant passes interview with the alleged research supervisor who reports the commissions about results of interview. The commission reports about the decision to the entrant no later than one week, from the date of decision-making.

At examination there are doctors and the professors, handed-over subjects. In the absence of experts, associate professors and candidates of science can be included in structure of the commission, during English passing an examination the teachers who don't have a scientific rank. Entrants pass the following examinations:

1) Examination in the specialty

2) English language

3) Examination in informatics

The repeating examinations aren’t allowed.

     Training in postgraduate study lasts 3 years (on a correspondence department of 4 years).

Scholarships for post-graduate students studying in state order from the calculation date, but no earlier than the date of release from the former place of employment is given.

Representing requirements for postgraduate study

During training the graduate student has to:

a) Completely finish the individual plan,

b) To pass all examinations,

c) To finish work and to present on chair, for job evaluation.

After receipt, within 3 months for each graduate student the individual plan which is confirmed by the rector is formed.

Implementation of the plan is watched by the research supervisor. Each graduate student can have 2 research supervisor or the supervisor and the consultant. The doctor of science can have 5 graduate students, and the candidate 3 graduate students. Every year the graduate student is tested on chair in May and October. The graduate student in the first year is tested if he passed one examination, published one scientific article and wrote 30% of scientific work. The graduate student for the second year of study is tested if passed all examinations, except specialty, published 2 scientific articles, and did 70% of scientific work. The graduate student for the third year of study is tested if passed all examinations, published 4 scientific articles, carried out research works and on chair discussed a subject. In case of failure to meet requirements, the graduate student has the right to intermediate testing, but for the all entire period of ­study once. In case of non-performance of all conditions the graduate student is deducted from postgraduate study and has no right to teach. Training duration in postgraduate study spills under the decree of the rector in case of pregnancy and the birth of the child, an illness. The employee of the university, who has arrived in postgraduate study, is released from work. The graduate student has the right to arrange for any other paid job, in case of implementation of the plan, since the second year of training. The graduate students training on the state order get a grant. The rector of university at discretion can give out to graduate students of an award from the budgetary and off-budget funds. Payment of the research supervisor is made once proceeding from calculation at 75 hours, also at two heads. The rector has the right to give out awards to the head at its discretion. The graduate student uses 2 months in a year for rest. The rector of university in case of need can sign the contract with the organization for preliminary preparation of experts arriving in postgraduate study for one year.