The magistracy of ArSU acts from 1999.

The master is high degree formation of professional qualification which is awarded to people having degree of qualification of the bachelor or certified specialists, with result two years of testing of the program of the higher education.

Masters usually prepare on orientations of scientific researches and scientifically - pedagogical activity.

Training of the master in higher education institutions is carried out on those lines of specialties of the higher education, whose lists are approved by the RNK Government at presence of the RNK Ministry of Education and Science.

Master trainings are organized in chairs, having a highly qualified professional staff, modern laboratory research, computer and informational equipped basis.

Trainings of magistracy are carried out in the ways of part-time or full-time.

Masters training normative term is two years, but in part – time it is two and half year, during which the master with the chosen profession acquire theoretical and scientific knowledge.

ArSU Masters training financed by the way of state order /free training/ and paid basis.

The amount of Masters’ scholarship studying in the system of state order is determined by the rectorate's proposal, the government's approval.

At the end of training in magistracy, the Artsakh State University gives to the masters a diploma of the state magistracy.

Some of the ArSU graduate masters are continued their training at the respective universities of foreign countries.

For obtaining detailed information, please, address the city of Stepanakert, Mkhitar Gosh 5, Department of magistracy and doctoral studies of ArSU.