The internationalconference dedicated to the 190th anniversary of great Russian playwright Alexander N. Ostrovsky took place at Artsakh State University

On April 13th, the international scientific conference dedicated to the 190th anniversary of Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky took placein a big hall of Artsakh State University.

The President of “Russia-Armenia” Association, Professor M. D. Amirkhanyan, representatives of various educational institutions of the Russian Federation, lecturers, guests fromdifferent schoolsof the town have taken place at the conference.

Guests laid flowers to the monument of students of ArSU, which have died in Artsakh war.

Ruben Osipovfrom the NKR Ministry of Education and Science, Karine Alaverdyan (V.Papazyan's state drama theater of Stepanakert) welcomed the participants of the conference.

"Carrying out scientific conference on Ostrovsky's creativity in Armenia and in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is the regular proof of spiritual relationship between Russian and Armenian people. Ostrovsky's roleis great as in the development of the history of Russia’s dramatic art and as in all Russian and world culture.

Creativity of Ostrovskyalso studiedat ArtsakhStateUniversity and the Chair of Russian Languageand Literature is acting there since its formation.

On behalf of the professors and teaching staffIexpress my gratitude to the organizers ofinternational conference and, first of all, to esteemed Mikhail D. Amirkhanyan, a man, who devoted his life to Russian culture, the preservation of its traditions in Armenia”, - the rector of Artsakh State University StepanDadayansaid.

Students of the Faculty of Russian Language and Literature presented Ostrovsky's play "Thunderstorm".

The scientific event continued at the Center ofRussian cultureand in a new conference hall.