A Group of Scientific Workers of ArSU is Awarded Government Awards



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On December 29 in the residence of the president of the Artsakh Republic the ceremony of rewarding of a group of persons, having the significant contribution to various spheres of activity of the Republic took place. At the ceremony there were the president of the Artsakh Republic B. Sahakyan, the leader of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan, the Chairman of National Assembly of NKR Ashot Ghoulyan, the Prime minister Ara Haroutyunyan, other officials.

For outstanding achievements in the field of Science, Culture and Sport, the significant contribution to formation and development

of the Artsakh Republic and patriotic education of citizens, group of scientific workers of ArSU was awarded high government awards:

Arzik M. Mkhitaryan (Can.Psy.Sci., professor, the dean of the Faculty of Pedagogics) - the medal "Mesrop Mashtots",

Valery M. Avanesyan - (doctor of historical Sciences., professor, the vice rector for scientific work and international relations) - the "Vachagan Barepasht" medal,

Georgy G. Sahakyan - (Cand. Phys.-Math. Sci, the associate professor, the vice rector for study) - "The honored worker of Science",

Alexander M. Khachatryan - (doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, professor, the chief of the Department of Mathematics) - "The honored worker of Science",

Lena S. Grigoryan - (Cand.Phil.Sci., professor, the teacher of Chair of the Armenian literature and journalism) - "The honored teacher",

Arkady V. Tovmasyan - (Cand.Ped.Sci., professor, the chief of the department of Pedagogics and Psychology) - "The honored teacher",

Arto R. Arstamian – (the associate professor of the Physical Training chair) – a monetary award.

In the thankful word professor of ArSU A. Mkhitaryan drew a parallel between the Armenian alphabet created by Mesrop Mashtots, which was carrying out the mission of preservation of the nation, the Army of Defense continuing to protect the Armenian world on borders of the Homeland and scientific workers of ArSU who bring their contribution in a great cause of protection of the country. "… we consider ourselves as Mashtots's soldiers who see his place in entrenchments of science and education", - concluded A. Mkhitaryan.

Continuing the thought of the colleague, professor A. Tovmasyan told that in rewarding saw, first of all, responsibility which obliged to use more diligent the knowledge and opportunities for the benefit of the country and education of the younger generation.

The head of the State congratulated everybody on receiving high awards and thanked for a contribution to formation and development of the country. «You are awarded these awards for long work and devotion that was always highly appreciated in our society. I am sure you will work with the same enthusiasm understanding that your achievements serve to the improvement and strengthening of the Homeland», - B. Sahakyan assured.