Expanding the Cooperation Framework



     On February 1 - 6 the delegation of ArSU headed by the rector M. Minasyan visited the Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University and the State Academy of Management. The purpose of the visit was establishment of cooperation between ArSU and above-mentioned establishments. 

      Being guided by the principles of the program of cooperation in the sphere of Science and Education of RA and NKR 2014-2020 and considering mutual interest in cooperation, contracts which concern, in particular, exchange of information about changes in system of higher education institution, legal acts, mutual participation in educational programs, conferences, seminars, interaction of student's managements, structural offices, scientific and educational centers, an exchange of students, teachers and scientific publications were signed.

       Cooperation will actually allow to increase the level of training of specialists, to fill up the faculty, to promote at protection of dissertations, to adjust process of interaction between faculties and chairs, periodic professional development of lectors, holding of conferences,  sports competitions, to provide participation of ArSU in the international educational actions, to organize joint student's summer schools and camps in the territory of RA and NKR. Work on granting to graduates of ArSU an opportunity to continue training in foreign higher education institutions and issue of repeated diplomas will be carried out. The joint intellectual and sporting and cultural events, exhibitions, etc. will be organized for students.