Artsakh in the Center of the International Attention



On February 6 ArSU accepted the delegation from the Tomsk state university.

At the initiative of the Yerevan and Tomsk state universities, the "Armenian-Russian Cooperation" public organization  and with assistance of the political magazine "The Global Policy of Russia", for graduate students and undergraduates of TSU the "Winter school" devoted to the main problems of the international relations was organized. Within this program, the group of students of Tomsk state university arrived  on February 5-7 to Stepanakert.

On February 6 in ArSU a meeting –  seminar took place at which the chairman of public organization "Armenian-Russian Cooperation" Yura Noroyan, the assistant to the Prime minister of NKR A. Beglaryan, vice rectors V. Avanesyan, G. Sahakian, teachers and students were present.

The seminar was conducted by the vice rector of ArSU V. Avanesyan. Representing a main objective of a seminar, he noted a priority of establishment of dialogue between Tomsk and Artsakh state universities.  The chairman of the public organization "Armenian-Russian Cooperation" Yu. Noroyan characterized similar meetings as the most effective way to present Artsakh in the academic world and to provide participation of representatives of ArSU in the Russian and international conferences. The young scientists presented the researches in the field of world politics and the international relations, concerning the North Caucasus and NKR in particular.

At the meeting which lasted about 4 hours, questions regarding construction of statehood of Artsakh in the conditions of war were discussed.

"For recognition of de jure Artsakh has all tools necessary for creation of the state – the territory, the population, the power, external relations", - the graduate student of Tomsk state university Van Harutyunyan told. 

At a meeting also the organization of the International conference devoted to the 100 anniversary of genocide of Armenians which will pass in Tomsk the state university in March of this year was discussed. At conference scientists from ArSU will take part that will lay the foundation of the cooperation of the advanced research centers of Tomsk and Artsakh state universities.