Other structures

     Student Alley and Memorial in honor of the 72 victims in the Artsakh war soldiers – students, encourages younger generations to preserve and nurture the spirit of patriotism.


      Student residence, which has more than 200 beds, is designed for students who need accommodation and students who come from the villages of Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia and other countries.


     The large conference hall, which has more than 300 seats, is intended for conferences, meetings with guests visiting the university, concerts, festivals "Student Spring" and other events.


     Sports hall  is designed for fitness and other sports games.


      In our country, the observatory is unique. From here you can observe the stars and carry out astronomical research. It is located in the main building of the Artsakh State University on the second floor.


     The Publishing House of ASU publishes the magazine of "Science News", "Armenian Study journal, the newspaper of "Artsakh State University” and many other journals.


    The shooting range is located in the third building. Here, students can improve their abilities and skills in the shooting.